I am deeply grateful for having Ali in my life. She has a true gift for traveling between realms and my life has been made better for the journeying she has done on my behalf. I cannot imagine navigating life's complexities and mysteries without her, and I have recommended her to countless others who are also searching for guidance and support. I reach further into my depths with each session and I look forward to connecting with Ali throughout the rest of my life.

Eileen R., Yoga Instructor and Marriage & Family Therapist, Illinois

"Ali meets you exactly where you are; she uses the past and present to help you fashion a future that is in line with your true self. We spoke during a period of great change in my life and I found our conversations to be illuminating, exciting, and full of insight and warmth. She helped me to recognize and acknowledge the life I truly want to lead, which was hidden away inside under many layers of protection and denial. For anyone looking to explore the depths and heights of their own mind, I recommend speaking with Ali. She is a thoughtful and skilled guide."

Eric, Illinois

"After Ali's work, I have a wider perspective in life. I found a different part of myself and that has created a level of comfort within that I've never reached before."

Josh B., Student

"I have known and worked with Ali for over five years. The work we have done together continues to shift my awareness on many levels. My personal goal is to live an authentic and truthful life. Ali's insights have helped me to center and grow in that Truth. She is a rare and precious gift to anyone looking to expand their world."

Lisa K., Holistic RN

"I have found Ali’s spiritual counsel in times of transition and uncertainty invaluable! I like to think of myself as an intelligent and highly capable human being but at times find myself frozen in my ability to move forward. Her readings produce constructive intuitive insights that seem to melt my doubt and bring clarity to my situation. Her insights are deep and expansive and yet she is able to relay the messages in a practical and concrete way. I appreciate her ability to retrieve abstract energetic insights and at the same time, clearly share ways in which I can integrate the new found awareness into my life. She brings a level of validation and “knowing” to my growth experience in a way that only a gifted healer could bring. I thank God for her gift!"

Suzi B., CEO Counseling and Wellness Agency

"Alexandra has done readings for me on three different occasions, and I have been delighted by the process and the product each time. Alexandra is a gifted shaman, and she presented her findings to me in a gentle, compassionate, and professional way. She took her time with me, and I felt that she was really invested in my personal evolution. I look forward to seeking her guidance again."

Alexandra S., IL., Psychologist

"Ali has been blessed with a true gift in helping others draw closer to who they really are at their divine core. Ali's reading with me shined a passionate light on my life's work and personal awakening. She provided her insight in a comfortable and compassionate manner, which made it very easy and desirable to connect and learn from her. I feel truly honored to have come across such a wise and transformative light. My life has been forever changed by her willingness to share this beautiful gift."

Melanie H., yoga instructor and master's student in marriage and family therapy

"Ali has a naturally warm and healing way about her, and at the same time, she gets right to the bottom of the issue with her laser vision and intuition. Her energy work is transformative and comes through in a loving, caring, and nurturing way. I love my sessions with Ali. They are life changing. After she had a session with my son, he looked different right away, more relaxed, at peace with himself, confident, and free. He is mediating on his own accord and taking more time to care for his body. After a couple of weeks, he looks more handsome and more in his his own authentic, adorable, personality more than ever. Thanks Ali, you are an angel."

Jackie B., Artist

"Alexandra's work as a shaman is sincere, rich, and insightful. She facilitates personal transformation and healing via journeying into one's inner knowing. She does so by illuminating keys to unlock doors for one's highest good. I have highly recommended Alexandra to friends and colleagues, and they have expressed similar experiences. I am very grateful to her for sharing her gift with me."

Michelle G., Il., Business Development and Life Coach

"It is truly hard to find the right words to describe my experience with Ali other than 'WOW'. The intuitive reading and journey she went on, on my behalf was truly a life changing experience. The entire experience with Ali was that of service, love, healing and respect. I am so grateful for the insight that she provided and look forward to exploring more with Ali."

Jessica Paponetti, Chicago, IL

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